The Heights Event Center

“The Heights” is a 500 person capacity event center that hosts weddings, receptions, meetings, conferences, and family reunions. Located just south of iconic Coronado Heights and just 5 minutes from the tourist town of Lindsborg, KS, our event center is a budget-friendly place to host a large gathering and a beautiful place to hold an outdoor wedding in the country.

We have many different options for your specific event. Please contact us at: for more information on cost, availability, etc.!

The event center is equipped with a sound system, projector and screen, white tables and chairs, and restrooms.
The shed contains a balcony overlooking the guests that can be used for a variety of things as part of a wedding reception.


Each weekend in July presents a unique opportunity to have a wedding in the middle of a Kansas sunflower field! Contact us for more details.
Dance the night away on a cool summer night or a crisp fall or spring evening.
The Kansas sky is one of our favorite things. This is a picture of a distant thunderstorm and stars from the first reception ever held on the farm: Skyler Reinert and Kimberly Carlson in 2011.

About the Owners:


Greg and BrookeAnna (soon to be) Peterson both grew up in the Lindsborg, KS area. They attended the Lindsborg Covenant Church together, but didn’t really get to know each other until they were in a Bible Study that met on top of Coronado Heights each week in the summer of 2016. They began dating later that year and got engaged on Coronado Heights in August of 2017. The first wedding reception they plan to host on their new farm is their own in March of 2018. Coronado Heights is one of their favorite places in the world and they look forward to sharing it with others as part of their business.

About the Farm:

“The Heights” is located on a fifth generation family farm. The original settlers on and around the property were ancestors of Greg Peterson. His great, great grandfather John Carlson, great grandfather Abel Carlson, grandmother Eunice (Carlson) Peterson and great uncle Terence Carlson all lived on and farmed the surrounding land, beginning in the late 1800s. Terence’s son Dan Carlson built the shed in 2009 and was able to host his daughter Kimberly’s reception in 2011 before passing away from cancer in 2012. We look forward to carrying on the legacy of the Carlson family farm.



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